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Care Instructions

Michelle Louise Inspirations collections are designed to be worn and loved, handcrafted with lots of added special details, using the top quality Gemstones, Solid Copper, Brass and Rose Gold Plated Components,  stunning pieces at affordable prices. These Handcrafted items require special care.


Do not clean copper creations with jewelry cleaner. Your copper creation can however be cleaned by rising it with lukewarm water and 2-3 tbsp. of Worcestershire Sauce, rinse and then gently pat dry.

You may also, safely, and easily clean your jewelry with a solution of mild dish soap and warm water. Use a soft bristle brush to gently loosen dirt and ensure to rinse the jewelry thoroughly in warm water. Lay your jewelry on a towel to dry.


Remove your jewelry before using chemicals. Exposure to chemicals can damage or discolor precious metals like gold and silver and may harm some colored gems. Don't shower, swim, bath, sleep or exercise, use household cleaners, chemicals, or essential oils, with jewelry on.

For extra care, after each wear gently wipe each piece of jewelry clean of make up and skin oils with the polishing cloth or any 100% cotton cloth.


When not being worn, properly store your jewelry to avoid scratches and damage to gems. Each of our pieces are shipped in its own jewelry box, which is a perfect place to keep them.


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