Wire Hook to a Ball Chain Tutorial

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Wire Hook Bead Chain Tutorial

Wire Hook Bead Chain Tutorial

Instead of having a normal bead chain and connector with your stunning creation ~ why not add a little flare to your design, by adding some creative inspiration with this Wire Hook Bead Chain Tutorial. By alerting the connector you can either add a normal lobster clasp or even make your own hook. The same method can be used to add some beads to the ball chain, creating a personal, unique, handmade piece. 


  • 2 x 3 inch 20-gauge dead soft wire
  • Bead chain ~ length as required 
  • 2 x ball chain connectors to suit ball chain size - for this project, I used 2.4 mm ball chain
  • 2 18-gauge 6 mm ID (inside diameter) jumper rings
  • Lobster clasp of your choice or you can make your own wire hook 

Materials as required.

Loop one side of the 20-gauge copper wire around the tip of your round nose pliers ~ to form a small loop ~ as indicated in image.

Make one full rotation around the wire and secure ~ trim excess wire.

Feed to loop just made int the ball chain connector. If your loop is a large for the connector just pinch it slightly with your pliers. 

Leaving approx .5 cm spacing from the connector ~ make a small loop using your round nose pliers, make a couple of full rotations around wire until you reach the connector, secure and trim excess wire. If you prefer to have a smaller coil between your connector and small loop, just reduce the 0.5 cm spacing from the connector to the loop.

Your connectors should look like this ~ you can now insert the ball chain into the opposite sides of each connector. Add your jumper rings and connect your clasp.

Your done ~ Creative Inspirations are unlimited!

Shop finished chains!

Till next time!


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  • Such a good idea…..Love it…thank you…hugssss

    kim michaels

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