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Double Labradorite Cabochon Pendant Tutorial

Double Labradorite Pendant Tutorial

 Let your creativity run wild ~ Double Labradorite Cabochon Pendant
Make this stylish pendant for yourself or gift for someone special.
It’s supper easy to make and the design oppositions are unlimited.


  • 2 x Teardrop / Onion shape Cabochons ~ The large cabochon measuring approx 1 inch long and approx 1 inch wide, the second cabochon is little smaller in dimension. You can use any size.
  • 4 x 12 inch 20-gauge dead soft wire
  • 5 x 4 inch 24-gauge dead soft wire
  • 1 x 11 inch 28-gauge dead soft wire (Optional) (A portion of this will be used for the weaving wire for the bail, you can create your own style bail, if you prefer not to weave the bail)


  • Wire Cutters
  • Chain Nose pliers
  • Long Nose pliers
  • Nylon Jaw pliers
  • Ruler           

Double Labradorite Pendant Tutorial

Please note ~ This is not a comprehensive tutorial, but rather a brief demonstration of how i created the pendant. The wire gauge, wire length, cabochon size and style can be varied to create various designs.

Double Labradorite Cabachon Pendant

Mark the 4 x 12 inch 20-gauge wire in the center. Using 1 x 4 inch 24-gauge wire, starting at the center mark and holding the 4 pieces of 20 gauge wire together, wrap the 1 x 24 inch gauge wire around the 4 wires using the entire piece of wire, you should be able to complete approx 10 rotations around the 4 wires, compress the wire with the chain nose pliers.This will secure the 4 wires together. See image above.

Double Labradorite Pendant Tutorial

Center you large cabochon on the 4 x 12 inch 20-gauge wires, as indicated in the image above. Pressing gently with your figure, form a snug frame with the wire around the large cabochon.

Double Labradorite Pendant Tutorial

Using 3 x 4 inch 24-gauge wires ~ using 2 of the 24 inch gauge wire wrap around the 4 wires on either side of the large cabochon, compress the rotations with the pliers. Gather all wires at the top of the large cabochon (8 wires in total - 4 wires from either side of the cabochon frame) Wrap the other 24 inch gauge wire around all 8 wires, compress the wire rotations with the pliers. This will form the frame around the large cabochon.

Following the steps as before ~ Pressing gently with your figure, form a snug frame around the smaller cabochon. Using the last 4 inch 24-gauge wire ~ Wrap 1 x 24 inch gauge wire around all 8 wires, compress the rotations with the pliers. This will form the frame around the small cabochon.  See image above.

 Double Labradorite Pendant Tutorial

Once your cabochons have been framed with the wire, using your chain nose pliers, make slight indents in the wire, in the front of your pendant and the back as indicted in the image above. This will secure the cabochons and prevent them from falling out. Your pendant should look similar to the image above at this point.

Double Labradorite Pendant Tutorial

At this point you can either wrap the bail with a desired weaving pattern of your choice, or leave the wires as is. To form the bail, use approx 4 of the 8 long wires,  using your fingers to form the wires around a pen or pencil, this will form the bail of the pendant. The bail wires can be secured at the back of the pendant and the excess wire trimmed.

Run your fingers over the pendant and make sure there are no sharp edges.

Using the other 4 wire that are left, bring them to the front of the pendant, using your finger, press the wires down and make a couple of swirls with the wire, bring the wires down the front of the small cabochon. Using a piece of 28 gauge wire, secure the wires to the frame on the small cabochon. With this pendant I just wrapped a couple of times around the wires, using a weave similar to a basket weave to secure the wires. You can use your creative inspiration and complete the pendant as you desire.

Double Labradorite Pendant Tutorial

Let your create mind run wild ~ It’s supper easy to make and the design oppositions are unlimited.

Need some inspiration ~ take a peek at this pendant.

Till next time ~ Happy Weaving!





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